Pre conference Workshops

Pre conference Workshops

December 03, 2020

Morning session - 9 AM TO 12 PM :

A. Qualitative research in healthcare simulation: Turning your ideas into projects

Simulation in health care creates a safe learning environment that allows researchers and practitioners to test new clinical processes and enhance individual and team skills before encountering patients.

Simulation can offer researchers access to events that can otherwise not be directly observed, and in a safe and controlled environment. How to use simulation for the study of how to improve the quality and safety of healthcare remains underexplored, however.

Come join leading simulation experts from around the world and learn to use simulation based research as a distinct research strategy that seeks to generate scientific knowledge about human and organizational behavior, with the end goal of improving quality and safety in healthcare.

Registration Limit : 60
Target Audience : Intermediate and Advanced simulation trainers
Duration : 3 Hours
Date : 3rd December, 2020
Time : 9 am to 12 pm
1. Dr. Debra Nestel
2. Dr. Ashokka Balakrishnan
3. Assoc. Prof. Michelle Kelly
4. Dr. Ebor Jacob G James. (Pedistars)

Simulated Scenarios and Debrief : Best practices

This simulation primer workshop will take you through all the tenets of practical simulation. The constraints of tele simulaton not withstanding, our panel of global simulation experts are here to reinforce your debriefing skills through scenarious developed by leading simulation centers in the country.

Registration Limit : 50
Target Audience : Beginner and Intermediate
Duration : 3 Hours
Date : 3rd December, 2020
Time : 9 AM TO 12 PM
Faculty :
1. Dr. Dinker Pai
2. Dr. Christine Park
3. Dr. Janice palagamas

Afternoon Session 2pm to 5pm :

When things go well

The implementation of a new clinical service is associated with anxiety and challenges that may prevent smooth and safe execution of the service. Unexpected issues may not be apparent until the actual clinical service commences.

Simulation-based clinical systems testing allows hospital leaders and clinicians to evaluate work as done taking into account human factors and the complex interactions of people.

This workshop takes you beyond the traditional boundaries of simulation and helps you reinforce the importance of communication in clinical processes

Registration Limit : 50
Target Audience : Intermediate and Advanced simulation trainers
Duration : 3 Hours
Date : 3rd December, 2020
Time : 2pm to 5 pm
Faculty :
1. Dr. N. Sitaramachandra Murthy
2. Ms. Sabrina Koh lee
4. Dr. David Grant
5. Dr. Peter Dieckmann

Blood, bone and strategy : All part of the game

A unique blended workshop targeted at enhancing your simulation's fidelity and to this end, we're forging an alliance between two unlikely themes - Moulage and Serious Games.

Moulage provides visual cues to learners and helps to improve the level of realism in a scenarios, but it's practicality lies in how cheap and effective your ingredients are. We're going to teach you moulage with basic household items, and guide you as you create hyper realistic wounds right from the comfort of your kitchen counter.

This workshop is not all fun though, and it's time to get serious about serious games in simulation. Serious games establish game-based problem-solving parameters within non-game contexts, enhancing professional development and educational content mastery, and promoting clinical learners’ problem-solving and cognitive learning skills.

Registration Limit : 50
Target Audience : Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced simulation trainers
Duration : 3 Hours
Date : 3rd December, 2020
Time : 2pm to 5 pm
i. Moulage – Mr. Hemanth Kumar , Dr. Narendiran Krishnasamy
ii. Serious games in simulation – Dr. Timothy Clapper, Dr. Kevin Cheng, Dr. Kapil Rajwani

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