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S.NO Product Description & Skills Remarks Min Qty
Various types of injections
1 IV ARM TRAINER - MALE Multi vein system for peripheral iv therapy * 2
2 IV ARM TARINER - FEMALE Multi vein system for peripheral iv therapy * 1
3 IV ARM TRAINER - PAEDIATRIC Multi vein system for peripheral iv therapy * 1
4 ARTERIAL ARM STICK KIT Lifelike adult male arm reproduction with
infusible arteries designed for training the
proper arterial puncture procedure for blood
gas analysis.
* 1
5 INJECTION TRAINER To train subcutaneous ,intradermal and
intramuscular injection
* 10
TRAINER/Urine Catheter insertion
Urological and rectal access gastrointestinal
care procedures. Male/Female- Dorsal gluteal
and ventral gluteal IM injections possible
* 4
Department of Emergency- Skin and Fascia
7 ACLS manikin Adult - Resusci Anne Advanced
Skill Trainer
ACLS Adult Training - Full body Manikin with
virtual patient Monitor with simpad (Instructor
control system) ,Suitable for Code blue /Mega
code / Advanced cardiac Life support courses
* 1
8 Heart sim 200 A battery-powered ECG rhythm simulator
designed to provide basic and modified adult
rhythms, as well as pediatric rhythms.
* 1
9 MEGA CODE KID - ACLS Child Manikin ACLS Child - MegaCode Kid has a realistic
airway, extensive ECG library, defibrillation and
pacing capabilities, allows drug administration
and intraosseous infusion to help teach the
critical skills of managing pediatric
* 1
10 Neonatal Intubation Trainer Airway management skills trainer-Neonatal * 1
11 Adult Airway Trainer (AMT) Airway management skills trainer-Adult * 2
12 Pediatric Intubation Trainer Airway management skills trainer-Pediatric * 1
35 PNEUMOTHORAX TRAINER For the practice of chest decompression with
decompression portals in each axilla and
subclavian region
* 1
13 CRICOID STICK TRAINER Adult male head with interchangeable rigid and
soft tracheas and a replaceable neck skin
designed for the practice of needle and surgical
cricothyrotomy skills.
Optional 1
14 STP KIT- suture Trainer This Hands-on Kit contains the essentials for
practicing suturing, knot tying, instrument
handling and incision of skin.
* 10
15 BASIC SURGICAL SKILL- DAY I KIT Knot-tying, suturing techniques, hemostasis,
fine tissue handling
* 2
16 BASIC SURGICAL SKILL-DAY 2KIT With abdominal closure and drain insertion,
fine tissue handling and wound management
Optional 2
Trauma mannequin
17 EXTRI KELLY/First aid, Bandaging, splinting The realistic and rugged extrication training
manikin, realistic articulation for application of
cervical collars, splints and traction or
application to spine board
* 1
18 BTLS -VICTIM INJURY SET Includes injuries required in 12 patient
scenarios -Over 30 wound lay-ons with Hook
and Loop attachments allowing easy
application and detachment-A set of wound
* 1
lay-ons, blood splats, and simulated blood
designed for use on manikins or humans to
simulate injuries required in the BTLS
instructor’s manual.
Obstetrics mannequins including Obstetric examination, conduct and management of vaginal
19 Mama Birthie Birthing skills Trainer-accommodates various birthing positions. To identify the important land marks in breech and shoulder presentations .management of malpresentations including breech and shoulder dystocia. Comes with cervix inserts of 4, 6, and 8cm dilatation and effacement for skill training on vaginal examination. * 3
20 Mama Natalie Realistic for training control of Postpartum hemorrhage. Realistic bleeding, positioning and delivery of babies, delivery of placenta ,fetal heart sounds, cervix land mark * 2
21 PROMPT BIRTHING SIMULATOR WITH CERVICAL DILATATION MODULE Anatomically correct birthing simulator- Suitable for use with simulated/standardized patient birth canal and cervix normal, vaginal breech ,shoulder dystocia with force feedback ,vaginal assisted (forceps and vacuum devices),third stage of labour, urinary catheter placement ,cord prolapse ischia spines and pubic bone gynecoid pelvis articulating thighs. Fully articulated baby with clavicles, fontanels, flexible head, detachable umbilical cord and placenta realistic pelvic floor articulating thighs for McRoberts’s procedure stretchable perineum soft, flexible birthing canal to train labor progress, cervical dilation and effacement training. Assessment of both latent and active stages of labour. Assessment and
bishop’s scoring
** 1
22 EPISIOTOMY TRAINER To repair episiotomy and repair perineal lacerations * 2
Gynecological examination model/mannequin including IUCD (Intra Uterine Contraceptive
23 Clinical Female PELVIC EXAMINATION TRAINER Recognition of perineal and pelvic anatomy including bony landmarks. Digital vaginal examination bi-manual examination cervical smear procedure (including use of speculum) digital rectal examination. Pathologies available-large fibroid - nulliparous ectropion cervix, small fibroid - nulliparous polyp cervix,ovarian cyst - multiparous cervix, retroverted - multiparous cervix,10-12 weeks pregnant,14-16 weeks pregnant * 1
24 UTEROUS COLLECTION-Mannequin including IUCD (Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device) Anatomical features like fundus, cervix and perineum along with possibility to extend the uterus (relevant for insertion of postpartum IUD).The uterus modules can be removed from the frame and be used as demonstration tools. possible to practice “blinded” placements and lift cover of the uterus to evaluate placement. The large uterus can be used as a postabortion uterus or a multi-parous uterus. The small uterus can be used for IUD insertion and removal training on an interval or an early post-abortion uterus.
The uterus plate of Sister-U can be flipped to
demonstrate different uterine angles.
Sister-U can be used with a variety of
reproductive health methods such as cervical
rings and diaphragms.
* 2
25 BREAST EXAMINATION TRAINER Breast examination trainer with Realistic soft
tissue breast anatomy with Featuring 6 readily
interchangeable and multi-positional
pathologies-Carcinoma ,Cysts ,Fibrocystic
disease, Fibroadenoma
* 4
Basic Life Support (BLS), CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) mannequin-
Adult/Pediatric/Infant/ Neonatal
26 Little Anne QCPR Adult CPR Manikin with APP Based Feed Back
for all PARAMETERS -Rate/Depth/ Ventilations
* 10
27 Little Junior QCPR Pediatric CPR Manikin with APP Based Feed
Back for all PARAMETERS -Rate/Depth/
* 10
28 Baby Anne QCPR Infant CPR Manikin with APP Based Feed Back
for all PARAMETERS -Rate/Depth/ Ventilations
* 10
29 Neo Natalie New-born manikin with upright mask- for
neonatal resuscitation program - NRP
* 10
30 AED Trainer-2 AED Trainer for BLS * 10
31 BLOOD PRESSURE TRAINING ARM Blood pressure training arm Optional 1
32 EAR EXAMINATION TRAINER Ear examination simulator is an model to
acquit safe and reliable skills for examining the
external acoustic meatus and tympani’s membrane with a direct otoscope. Featured is
an alarm when painful insertion is detected
Optional 1
33 EYE EXAMANITION TRAINER The eye examination simulator is an innovative trainer for fundus examination, designed to allow examination of eye grounds with the physician's own ophthalmoscope. Various cases can be set up for trainees using combinations of choice of slides, depth and pupil diameter Optional 1
Lumbar puncture model * 1
35 IV TORSO Designed for the realistic practice of central iv
access to the neck and femoral regions.
Optional 1
36 CLINICAL MALE PELVIC EXAMINATION TRAINER Accurate trainer is an ideal platform for teaching and learning ‘hands-on’ male pelvic examination and diagnosis. Pathologies available :normal, varicocele, tumors, epididymis cysts, hydrocele, orchitis/ epididymo -orchitis ,indirect inguinal hernia Optional 1
Whole Body Manikin -PATIENT SIMULATORS -HIGH FIDELITY SIMULATORS FOR SIM SUITES- Audio Video for De Breifing/OSCE Management Optional 1
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