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Welcome to SIMULCON 2022

The Organizing committee of SIMULCON 2021, is pleased to invite you to be part of our annual virtual simulation conference, now in its 3rd Edition.

The first SIMULCON was hosted in December of 2019 by GSL Medical College and General Hospital at the historic city of Rajahmundry and saw over 1500 Health care professionals and simulation enthusiasts in attendance. Delegates were treated to a vibrant array of Simulation Experts spanning 6 countries, sharing their experiences with simulation in Medical Education.

The constraints brought on by the pandemic notwithstanding, The Second edition was held in December 2020, and we moved to a completely virtual event with over5000 participants in attendance, 50 global simulation faculty, and multiple industries partners spanning11 countries.

Over the years, SHS has been building on the success of its conferences through regular webinars on Simulation and allied sciences targeted at simulation enthusiasts around the Globe. We’re now going full steam ahead for SIMULCON 2021. The success of last year’s virtual conference has opened newer frontiers that would have otherwise been inaccessible to many young and enthusiastic learners.

Simulcon 2019

First of its kind Interprofessional Simulation event in India

Simulation expertise spanning 6 countries

Simulcon 2022

global simulation leaders on one stage!

Virtual hands on workshops spanning diverse simulation principles

Virtual event with over 8000 participants in attendance

Truly global simulation event spanning 20 countries

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