Pre-Conference Workshops

Crisis Resource management for Surgical, Anaesthesia, and critical care training

Vydehi Advanced Simulation Academy, Bengaluru
(18th December, 2022)

Healthcare is a high-stakes industry that is prone to crises; this is especially true for acute care specialties such as anesthesiology and emergency medicine, in which healthcare practitioners must treat critically ill patients while facing diagnostic ambiguity, resource limitations, and numerous disruptions in chaotic work environments. Crisis resource management (CRM) refers to a set of principles dealing with cognitive and interpersonal behaviours that contribute to optimal team performance. Learn how to use CRM principles and to provide a team-based approach to averting and mitigating medical crises.

Qualitative Research Workshop

Vydehi Advanced Simulation Academy, Bengaluru
(17th December 2022)

At the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to

Learn to differentiate qualitative research from quantitative research. You will be able to practice choosing from various methods for conducting qualitative research, recognize limitations of qualitative research, avoid associated risks and confidently decide to use qualitative market research when it is appropriate given a business question. You will be able to distinguish good and bad qualities for a qualitative researcher and be able to start secondary research for a qualitative investigation of a problem or project.

Simulated Patient Workshop

Vydehi Advanced Simulation Academy, Bengaluru
(16th December, 2022)

Focuses on how to train simulated patients (SPs) to deliver safe, effective and meaningful roleplay for your learners. By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

Describe how to train SPs to realistically portray pre-written and spontaneously developed patient cases.
Articulate how and why to share the content of communication skills models with simulated patients
Apply strategies to help SP’s adapt their portrayal in response to the skills being used by the learner
Usely techniques to enhance SP’s portrayal of emotions
Train SPs to provide feedback from the patient’s perspective

Cadaveric Simulation

GSL Medical College, Rajahmdundry
(8th December, 2022)

While cadavers have been used for teaching anatomy for hundreds of years, more recently they are being repurposed as a “high‐fidelity” procedural skill learning simulation resource. Learn about preservation and utility of Cadavers for the purpose of Simulated learning through this unique workshop

Simulation In Dentistry

GSL Medical College, Rajahmundry
(7th December, 2022)

Dental Simulation is the use of simulation education for dentistry procedures. Clinical simulation in dental education is hardly a new phenomenon; the first “phantom head” was in use by the late 19th century. However, the simulation models have evolved continually since then, and at this time, three-dimensional virtual reality (VR) software is becoming an educational standard.

The Mainstreaming of