Pre-Conference Workshops

Critical Care Training using Tele Simulation

An estimated 2 percent of patients with COVID-19 will develop life-threatening lung problems. Until the medical community has time to develop new therapies, mechanical ventilation is the only treatment for severe COVID-19-related respiratory failure. Considering the existing knowledge gaps and the need for “Just-in” time training, this workshop caters to trainees as well as trainers

Research Writing

Academic writing is an integral process of research and generation of scientific knowledge. Academic writing is concerned with the creation and dissemination of ‘reliable’ knowledge, respecting different ways of life, and knowing and safeguarding the freedom of expression.  the workshop will try to familiarize students with different aspects of academic writing. These involve selections of theme/topic/question and literature, ways of reading for literature review, and ways of constructing a text.

Teaching and Assessing a Skill session

At the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to

  1. Identify four vital skills necessary to be a competent healthcare professional.
  2. Choose the appropriate teaching model to teach a particular skill.
  3. Articulate a lesson plan and an assessment plan.
  4. Discuss the challenges and opportunities in implementing a skill session.

Simulated Patient

Simulated Patient

  1. Current Issues in clinical teaching
  2. Introduce the concept of standardized patients
  3. Share our experience of training SPs from the local community and using them to teach medical students
  4. Project outcomes

Driving Collaboration Practice through Simulation.